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Bodyweight Training continued

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March 2012 Underground Strength Workout & Movie
Zach Even - Esh
March 2012 Underground Strength Workout & Movie Over 20 minutes of hard hitting training footage and a detailed description of how you can become a BEAST with the March Underground WOM. In addition to uncut footage from The Underground, I also discuss some business tips with questions that were brought up on the forum. A HUGE announcement revealed in this video that you'll wanna see ASAP. Underground Strength Nation, Stronger Than Ever in 2012! . . . keep reading

February 2012 Underground Strength Movie
Zach Even - Esh
February 2012 Underground Strength Movie Uncut footage from Underground Strength HQ in Edison, NJ. See our athletes from all ages and all sports, male and female, getting after it to become champions both on AND off the playing field. In Season & Off Season, speed work and old school bodybuilding work. What REALLY goes on when we train athletes? Have a look, UNCUT.... . . . keep reading

How To Build Monkey Bars
John Legg
How To Build Monkey Bars Animal training at its best. Let Underground Strength Gym owner, John Wayne Legg, show you how he built his set of strong n' sturdy monkey bars. In this video John shows you the materials you'll need & how to install yourself. Once your bars are set you can perform countless bodyweight exercises and start training like an animal! . . . keep reading

Mike "The Machine" Bruce Interrogation
by Mike "The Machine" Bruce
Mike 55 Minutes of no holds barred information coming from pound for pound one of the strongest men, inside AND out, that I know of. How does a man under 200 lbs deadlift over 600 lbs for reps? How does The Machine train young athletes to change their physical AND inner strength? What set - rep range does The Machine use to develop such a freakish deadlift? Pay close attention to "The Machine" as he bring you inside his world of spiritual, physical and mental strength and how you can accelerate your strength beyond what you ever imagined. This interview goes BEYOND the physical realm so be ready to step up your game after your hear what this Machine has to tell you! . . . keep reading

January 2012 Underground Strength Movie, Underground Workout of the Month & Exercise of The Month!
Zach Even - Esh
January 2012 Underground Strength Movie, Underground Workout of the Month & Exercise of The Month! The FIRST Underground Strength WOM is ON, time to make 2012 The Year of The Warrior! Cry Babies & Complainers step aside or we'll trample your ass!! Warriors.... Listen UP! Training is supposed to be tough.... we are training your MIND, not just your body. Underground Strength Nation is MUCH more than training or "working out". It's about Living the Code, never losing your edge and making the training as much spiritual as it is physical. Let it begin. Time to own the YEAR! Over 23 Minutes of detailed explanation from The Underground combined with our Underground Strength Movie AND Underground Exercise of the Month, giving you exclusive behind the scenes access to The Underground and how YOU can Bring it to your own training. Live the Code! . . . keep reading

Jason Ferruggia Interrogation
by Jason Ferruggia
Jason Ferruggia Interrogation 68 minutes of the most eye opening information you've ever heard regarding how to optimally train while achieving maximum results, the TRUTH about nutrition, The Renegade Diet and how you MUST tweak your nutrition to achieve optimal health, fat loss and muscle building. Jay speaks openly on his 2 + decades of experience in training and nutrition experiments and the TRUTH is gonna seriously shock you and force you to wake up and take a cold, hard look at how you train and how you eat. To cap it all off, Jason speaks about how his life has changed, why it has changed for the better and what you MUST do to start living life according to YOUR Rules. This is The Renegade Code - Learn it.... LIVE it! . . . keep reading

Jim Wendler Interrogation
by Zach Even - Esh
Jim Wendler Interrogation 53 minutes of Jim Wendler unleashing the truth about life, lifting, laughing, being a Dad, Being F**ing Awesome, mobility, flexibility and in essence, this is The Tao of Jim Wendler. This is by far the most straight forward Underground Interrogation I've ever done. Expect Jim to speak the truth on ALL levels of life and lifting. Lock the doors and go uninterrupted for a powerful and inspirational 53 minutes with Jim Wendler! You'll also hear about Jim's 3 x week squat program, the 3 exercise per workout routine, lessons learned in lifting from his earliest lifting mentor, assistance work and the warm up that Jim uses to prep himself for his workouts. Pay attention, kids, Dr. Wendler is in the house and school is in session! . . . keep reading

The Minimalist Wrestling Workouts Seminar
Zach Even - Esh
The Minimalist Wrestling Workouts Seminar An Underground Wrestling Strength Seminar: NO Holds Barred, Speaking the #TRUTH about how Wrestlers need to train if they want to DOMINATE the competition and put FEAR into the eyes of every man who Dares step on the mat against you... 36 minutes of uncut, No Holds Barred footage, while I demonstrate, explain and squash ALL the Bull Sh*t that Coaches have been brain washed into doing with wrestling workouts. NO, Sir. This is the way we roll at The Underground & it's been Battle Tested and Proven to help us transforms boys into BEASTS. Now it's YOUR Turn. . . . keep reading

The ULTIMATE Wrestling Power Warm Up
Zach Even - Esh
The ULTIMATE Wrestling Power Warm Up My entire 'Get Wrestling Power' warm up caught on film, while in upstate NY, training a small crew of collegiate wrestlers and taking them through The Underground Paces. This warm up is NOT just restricted to wrestlers, but it is for ALL athletes. Follow this warm up and gain explosive power, athleticism, agility and mobility. Also Included is a QnA session with Wrestling Coaches where I speak the TRUTH about all the horrible mistakes that are making wrestlers weaker, slower and deconditioned. Time to unleash the TRUTH. 30 minutes of Bad Ass Underground info, unedited, uncut! . . . keep reading

COMPLETE In Season Wrestling Program
Zach Even - Esh
COMPLETE In Season Wrestling Program Wrestling season is upon us and the BIGGEST mistake a wrestler can make is to stop lifting. The next BIG mistake is to train the WRONG way In Season. This 12 week in season wrestling program details EXACTLY how to train, the exact workouts to follow with specific set - rep protocols, comes with an additional special report on the inside with how I helped a wrestler on the verge of burn out have his BEST season ever with a 4th place finish in the states and SUPER short in season workouts, plus MUCH more. If you want to achieve GREAT success this season, this program is a MUST to have and follow to the T! Inside you'll also find.... . . . keep reading

November 2011 Underground Strength Teleseminar
Zach Even - Esh
November 2011 Underground Strength Teleseminar The November 2011 Underground Strength Teleseminar recorded in FULL. This was some awesome QnA with questions and answers regarding how to use Bodyweight Bodybuiding for deconditioned adults, how to integrate the olympic lifts into your current lifting regime along with how a Romanian Strength Coach told me about how Romanian Olympic Lifters utilized max effort lifts in conjunction with olympic lifting for SIC results. We also covered periodization methods from The Underground Strength Gym and how we've been using explosive power training & medicine ball throws for maximum results. A MUST listen to jam packed with powerful..... . . . keep reading

November 2011 Underground Workout of the Month
Zach Even - Esh
November 2011 Underground Workout of the Month Behind the scenes video footage of The November 2011 Underground Workout of the Month. Another Underground Strength Challenge. A Time to Test the mind AND body. It's time to live the code, there is NO other way. You're either IN, or you're in the way. Agile, Mobile & Hostile. Stronger & Faster than last month. Stronger mentally AND physically. Get comfortable being UNcomfortable. Old school strength gets blended with science. Let it begin.... . . . keep reading

November 2011 Underground Strength Movie
Zach Even - Esh
November 2011 Underground Strength Movie 18 minutes of hard hitting footage direct from The Underground Strength Gym HQ. Watch as a College BEAST goes through a workout and you catch the entire session on film, A - Z. The warm up, recovery, training program and finisher are ALL included. This is how training should be performed and you'll gain a greater understanding as to how athletes need to train to acquire the coveted Underground Motto: Agile, Mobile & Hostile! . . . keep reading

October 2011 Underground Workout of The Month
Zach Even - Esh
October 2011 Underground Workout of The Month Get your heart & soul ready to attack this month's Underground Strength workouts. You'll be going toe to toe with an Underground Strength Challenge, pushing AND pulling for power, strength and health. Remember: Without your health you have NOTHING. The Underground is about strength on the inside AND the physical. If you're not mentally tough then you're probably best suited to train at the local globo gym where heavy weights are outlawed along with chalk, intensity and heavy lifting. Time to Man UP! . . . keep reading

Audio Interrogation with Jonny Hinds
Jonny Hinds
Audio Interrogation with Jonny Hinds Jonny Hinds gets grilled on a lifetime of knowledge using bodyweight training and physical culture to develop explosive, agile, mobile and hostile athletes... During this 27 minute audio interrogation Jonny brings you inside his personal world of training, who influences him the most, what he learned from the Bar-barians, how he uses plyometrics and shock training for speed and power development and still refuses to use free weights while developing amazing athleticism. . . . keep reading

How an Underground Strength Coach Built His SIC Warehouse Gym!
Ryan Riess
How an Underground Strength Coach Built His SIC Warehouse Gym! Ryan Riess takes you through every inch and corner of his SIC warehouse gym, this is by far, one of the most kick ass warehouse gyms I have ever seen! Almost every piece of equipment was homemade and Ryan describes exactly how each piece of equipment was made to build his business. Ryan came to a USC CERT 3 years ago and was sleeping in his car at the time, today, he is kicking ass doing what he loves and changing lives. You MUST see his warehouse gym! . . . keep reading

Displaying Matches 29 thru 44 of 148 Found BACK NEXT

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