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Discover the training secrets behind dominating your competition on the mat with brute strength, explosive power, unstoppable conditioning and mental toughness.

Zach Even - Esh

Gain insider access to the strength & conditioning secrets behind how we transform weak wrestlers into one man wrecking machines at The Underground Strength Gym.

If you're a parent of a wrestler, wrestling coach or a wrestler yourself, You will be miles ahead of the competition by applying these resources to your wrestling training. The competition will NEVER know what happened to you when they see you're transformation!

Ancient Training Methods Pt. IV - Sandbag Strength & Conditioning Workouts
by Zach Even - Esh
Ancient Training Methods Pt. IV - Sandbag Strength & Conditioning Workouts 20 Minutes of Hard Charging Sandbag Strength & Conditioning Workouts & exercises are featured in this 20 minute Video. This is the Final portion of The ORIGINAL Ancient Training Methods DVD. You'll see 1 of my earliest athletes going through brutal sandbag strength & conditioning workouts with some Bodyweight and Kettlebell work added in as well. If you train athletes or want to push your strength & toughness to new heights THIS is the DVD to watch. Get after it.... . . . keep reading
Ancient Training Methods - Pt III
by Zach Even - Esh
Ancient Training Methods - Pt III Ancient Training Methods Part III is ON. In this portion of the DVD I cover how I trained with tree logs, sledge hammers and tire flipping at the infamous tire yard I have written & spoken about for so many years. This portion of The DVD is TRUE "Farm Boy" Training. This is ONLY for the resourceful athletes and coaches who are willing to step outside the comfort zone of the weight room. This training is what helped the athletes I trained back then develop a type of relentless aggression and mental toughness that helped them dominate the competition. . . . keep reading
Ancient Training Methods - Pt II
by Zach Even - Esh
Ancient Training Methods - Pt II Ancient Training Methods Part II is ON. In this portion of the DVD I cover sandbag training and truck / car pushing. I've always said that sandbag training is an ALL In One Gym. Use this portion to build mental toughness, brute strength, grip strength and full body power. Get after it and be RELENTLESS. . . . keep reading
STRONG The Seminar - Pt I
by Zach Even - Esh
STRONG The Seminar - Pt I STRONG, The Seminar was caught on film. A seminar where I blended training methods from The Underground Strength Gym and Life Success methods to LIVE a Strong Life. In Part 1 you will see the warm up and the philosophy behind training to Live a STRONG Life. From mind and body to mobility and bodyweight training. See it ALL on Video Here.... . . . keep reading
SPARTAN Success Code with Joe DeSena
Joe DeSena
SPARTAN Success Code with Joe DeSena Behind the scenes insight as to what happens at The FIRST Ever Spartan Wrestling Camp, from the wrestling, to the outdoor Spartan training to the 10 minute Spartan Success Code Joe gave to the wrestlers on their first night. Take these lessons and apply them to your life, regardless of your age, these Spartan Success Principles will propel you forward in Life IF you follow through & DO THE WORK. . . . keep reading
Louie Simmons Interview
Louie Simmons
Louie Simmons Interview This Louie Simmons Interview is 47 minutes in length where we discuss how does Louie assess athletes, how to train athletes in conjunction with sports practice, the implementation of max effort / dynamic effort both in season and off season training along with the differences in use at each time of the year. Louie also discusses how to work around injuries, why so many injuries happen, the most important muscles athletes must train, training in the snow / inclement weather and MUCH more. If you're hungry to learn, hungry to get STRONGER and be inspired, listen to this Louie Simmons interview Now..... . . . keep reading
Grip Strength & Inside Zach's Training
Zach Even - Esh
Grip Strength & Inside Zach's Training Inside Zach's training program as he closes in on his 39th birthday, how to train the grip and WHY grip training is crucial, random thoughts on training and getting after it every time you hit the gym. . . . keep reading
November 2014 Underground Strength Workout of The Month
Zach Even - Esh
November 2014 Underground Strength Workout of The Month This training cycle is a very unique blend of strength, size and power. The equipment required is just the basics. Barbell, Dumbbells and Bodyweight. As always, the most important piece of equipment, your mindset & attitude, is expected to highly motivated and ready to do work. There's no easy path in training if results are the goal and that's the truth. No need to dance around on egg shells and question if some magic supplement is going to get you jacked and shredded. Your work ethic and commitment to the lifestyle is THE key. November 2015 training is ready. Time for you to Follow Through. Mental Toughness & Motivation required. . . . keep reading
Underground Strength Workout & Movie of The Month: July 2014
Zach Even - Esh
Underground Strength Workout & Movie of The Month: July 2014 Summer time is here, in full swing. It's a time to get stronger and tougher while the less dedicated make excuses and talk about having no gym on vacation. After finishing your Gladiator Project 2.0, it's time to get back full swing to the training from The Underground Strength Gym. In addition to the workout of the month we captured behind the scenes footage for you to see EXACTLY what happens behind these walls. I also talk about how you can tweak your workouts slightly for increased fat loss and more energy, especially if you are a strength coach and come home for late dinners. Time to attack and be a rare breed. . . . keep reading
Program Design Influences From Louie Simmons & Westside Barbell
By Zach Even - Esh
Program Design Influences From Louie Simmons & Westside Barbell Zach speaks during The CrossFit Powerlifting Seminar on program design methods for athletes and adults, the influences from Louie Simons & Westside Barbell as well as how to and WHY it is critical for CrossFit Coaches to help today's younger generation develop Strength, Power, Athleticism, Muscle & Most of all, Confidence! Listen and take notes during this 25 minute presentation by Zach.... . . . keep reading
November 2013 Underground Strength Workout
By Zach Even - Esh
November 2013 Underground Strength Workout Perhaps one of the most kick ass months of training we've had at The Underground Strength Gym, EVER! New max effort training, new mental toughness training, new ways to incorporate Kettlebells and sleds and intense team training to build morale and brotherhood. Check out this month's Underground Strength Workout with insights I do NOT share elsewhere. Ass Kickers ONLY.... . . . keep reading
September 2013 Underground Strength Movie
By Zach Even - Esh
September 2013 Underground Strength Movie Get fired up and see how we roll when we transform boys into BEASTS and how we prep Olympic Level Wrestlers for battle. There's a reason why athletes travel 1 hr each way or why Coaches fly in from around the world to see what we do. Take a front row seat and see how we pack on lean, mean muscle mass coupled with ass kicker performance. No fads, No gimmicks! Step inside.... . . . keep reading
August 2013 Underground Strength Workout & MOVIE of The Month
Zach Even - Esh
August 2013 Underground Strength Workout & MOVIE of The Month With a new training program to help you break PRs in strength and speed while packing on muscle mass, it's GO time. Let the "other guys" look for the magic bullet, the program with the fancy name, the fads and the gimmicks. Step UP and stand apart from the crowd. YOU get it. YOU understand that we need to lift hard AND lift smart, we don't need the fancy hype that sounds cool but doesn't deliver results worth a lick. You'll also see the books I am studying and reading, how we loaded our kegs differently this time than ever before, lessons I am learning in training AND life plus much more insight that is NOT shared elsewhere. Finish summer with a bang and stronger than ever before. Let's GO! . . . keep reading
July 2013 Underground Strength Workout & MOVIE of The Month
Zach Even - Esh
July 2013 Underground Strength Workout & MOVIE of The Month Step inside The Underground Strength Gym & Step UP your training, regardless of what you train for. 15 minutes of detailed training plans and behind the scenes footage of what we do and what you need to do to rise above and get to the next level. Nothing fancy needed here, just the guts and the balls to demand more from yourself while refusing to conform to the norms of society. Straight up, these workouts are NO Bull Shit and all you need is the right mentality. If you're looking for fads, gimmicks and some magic protein shake blended with short cuts I make NO apologies for leading you the complete opposite direction of the BS that delivers NO results. Step up, this is the real deal. . . . keep reading
The ORIGINAL Gladiator Training Manual
Zach Even - Esh
The ORIGINAL Gladiator Training Manual Over 10 years ago the ORIGINAL Gladiator Training Manual was created while training athletes from my garage and backyard using the most primitive methods and training tools: tree logs, sledge hammers, sandbags, my truck and more. This is the original training course and you'll step into a time machine to see the origins of The Underground Strength System. This was the e book that started THE movement and pissed off the tight wad Coaches who demanded that it could never work. Well, it worked! Our athletes beat the tar out of their competition and that was only the beginning! . . . keep reading
Minimalist Training Course
Underground Strength Horsemen
Minimalist Training Course 5 hard hitting months of a Minimalist Training Course, assembled by our heavy hitters, The Underground Strength Horsemen. A wrecking crew of Coaches, guaranteed to give you short, powerful & extremely effective training programs to get you in and out of the gym quickly while maximizing results in strength, muscle gains and performance. Follow these workouts and you will be a BAD MoFo. Period. End of Story, get after it and Live The Code. . . . keep reading
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Here's what our members are saying ...

Zach, I put in some of your underground workouts in our off season programs and our team went from 4-6 to 11-1 wining the league outright in the toughest league in Pa.

Joe Hallman C.B.
South Strength Coach
USA Weightlifting Club Coach

"I've learned more in my two months at USC that I have from dozens of books on strength training that I have, and the 'No BS Product Review' saved me $70 in my first couple weeks. USC is worth every dime and more, I for one am going to be a lifetime member. No other site that I have found compares to USC"
Robert Dobó

"Finally!!! Thanks for putting together a site where there's no fancy names and no industry jargon, just back to basics training that produces stronger, more complete athletes"
Jason C. Brown

"I have found more useable information here in my first 10 minutes as a memeber than most sites combined!"
Eric McCarty.
Columbia, MD

"As a Chiropractor and running the oldest official Brazilian Jiu-jitsu club here in South Africa I've read about and seen countless different conditioning routines and concepts but very few things have got me as excited and motivated about training as Underground Strength Coach! I thought I knew a fair amount about strength training and conditioning but Coach Zach and USC has really opened my eyes. Theres an awesome amount of priceless information here covering revolutionary training methods for strength, fitness and conditioning. As an athlete, fitness enthusiast or just the average person looking to get in shape the answers youre looking for are here...USC!" "
Dr.Micah Atkinson

"Underground Strength Coach is the most hardcore strength and conditioning resource out there! It is jam packed with so many inovative training articles and ideas that you will never have to look anywhere else again!
AJ Roberts

"I am a Combat Athlete [BJJ] and I come from a competitive powerlifting background. When I started researching functional training, Zach's name kept popping up. I joined the USC Team and immediately learned how to change my resistance training to compliment my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with more muscle endurance. The family here at USC is a plethora of expertise and always willing to guide you in your training. It's like having a family of personal coaches at your fingertips. "
Eric Konohia
Boanerges Group, LLC
Columbia, Maryland US boanergesgroup.com
 Certified Coaches