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Underground Q+A

We get lots of questions here at the Underground Strength Coach site and while we can't answer them all, Coach Zach is able to get to some of these great questions. In this department you will find a growing collection of Questions and Answers from the Underground Strength Coach himself.

Search through these Q+A's to get some great tips, tricks, and tips on successful Underground training.

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Strength Coach & Warehouse Gym Business Tips, Truth & Lifestyle
by Zach Even - Esh
Strength Coach & Warehouse Gym Business Tips, Truth & Lifestyle During this 45 minute video I walk you through the changes I have seen and experienced as a Strength Coach & Business Owner going all the way back to 2002. How has the business changed, how marketing has changed, how people have changed and how you need to think and run a business in today's day and age to be successful. I also give you a tour of 1 of my location and answer questions regarding succeeding in a variety of ways as a Strength Coach and Warehouse Gym Owner. . . . keep reading
SPARTAN Success Code with Joe DeSena
Joe DeSena
SPARTAN Success Code with Joe DeSena Behind the scenes insight as to what happens at The FIRST Ever Spartan Wrestling Camp, from the wrestling, to the outdoor Spartan training to the 10 minute Spartan Success Code Joe gave to the wrestlers on their first night. Take these lessons and apply them to your life, regardless of your age, these Spartan Success Principles will propel you forward in Life IF you follow through & DO THE WORK. . . . keep reading
Louie Simmons Interview
Louie Simmons
Louie Simmons Interview This Louie Simmons Interview is 47 minutes in length where we discuss how does Louie assess athletes, how to train athletes in conjunction with sports practice, the implementation of max effort / dynamic effort both in season and off season training along with the differences in use at each time of the year. Louie also discusses how to work around injuries, why so many injuries happen, the most important muscles athletes must train, training in the snow / inclement weather and MUCH more. If you're hungry to learn, hungry to get STRONGER and be inspired, listen to this Louie Simmons interview Now..... . . . keep reading
Strength Coach QnA: The TRUTH About Success As A Strength Coach
Zach Even - Esh
Strength Coach QnA: The TRUTH About Success As A Strength Coach Almost 30 minutes of Zach discussing what it TRULY takes to succeed as a strength coach. As Jack Nicholson said, "You can't handle the truth!" This may OR may not be the exception for you. Prepare for some serious in your face truth and honesty. This audio gets raw and unedited so sensitive people should not listen. Those who want to hear the truth and then take that truth to inspire yourself to go next level, this is your opportunity. Give a Listen! . . . keep reading
Grip Strength & Inside Zach's Training
Zach Even - Esh
Grip Strength & Inside Zach's Training Inside Zach's training program as he closes in on his 39th birthday, how to train the grip and WHY grip training is crucial, random thoughts on training and getting after it every time you hit the gym. . . . keep reading
Training for Spec Ops Selection
Shaun Trainor
Training for Spec Ops Selection Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a Special Forces Operator in the Military? What's the difference between training to pass selection VS training while IN the special forces teams? How does CrossFit play into training for Spec Ops? This is an inside look from a Special Forces Operator and now Special Forces Instructor. Here's the truth. NO bull shit. . . . keep reading
Program Design Influences From Louie Simmons & Westside Barbell
By Zach Even - Esh
Program Design Influences From Louie Simmons & Westside Barbell Zach speaks during The CrossFit Powerlifting Seminar on program design methods for athletes and adults, the influences from Louie Simons & Westside Barbell as well as how to and WHY it is critical for CrossFit Coaches to help today's younger generation develop Strength, Power, Athleticism, Muscle & Most of all, Confidence! Listen and take notes during this 25 minute presentation by Zach.... . . . keep reading
Travis Mash Behind The Scenes Weightlifting Training Tips
Travis Mash
Travis Mash Behind The Scenes Weightlifting Training Tips Go behind the scenes at The 'Learn to Train' Weightlifting Seminar with world record holder, Travis Mash. You'll get access to a QnA portion of the seminar, program design for weightlifting and thoughts on how to best implement weightlifting for strength, power, speed and MAX results. . . . keep reading
Effective & Realistic Program Design For Natural Lifters
Coach Megz
Effective & Realistic Program Design For Natural Lifters Week after week I watched Megz deadlift 550 + lbs, set after set. Then, I'd spot him as he benched set after set of 300 + lbs for reps. It was FREAKY. What was MORE Freaky? Spotting him when his pec got torn. It was probably the BEST thing that ever could have happened to Coach Megz, who is an amazing Strength Coach. Injuries have FORCED Many Great Strength Coaches to become even greater. Let Megz give you the inside scoop on how heavy you should train to develop maximum results, injury free, regardless of whether or not you're a powerlifter or an athlete. The details revealed in this video will help you train smarter while getting More results at a Faster rate. A MUST Watch Video.... . . . keep reading
Louie Simmons Interview
Zach Even - Esh
Louie Simmons Interview During my work on my new book I chatted with Louie Simmons to discuss MANY topics" the training of athletes, the conjugate system, the most important things he wants Coaches to know, how to train wrestlers, in season VS off season training, full body vs upper and lower body split workouts, Charlie Francis, the dynamic method, why force development is CRITICAL, should we use "sports specific training" & MUCH more. Louie always tells it like it is and enlightens us as to how to train optimally for maximum results in strength, explosive speed & muscle building. Many THINK they know Westside Barbell but only Louie can truly describe what happens behind the walls of his private gym. . . . keep reading
Life Lessons Learned From The SEALFit Challenge - Part II
Zach Even - Esh
Life Lessons Learned From The SEALFit Challenge - Part II 25 minutes of QnA, where I answer YOUR questions about what it took to complete The SEALFit 20X Challenge, how nutrition played a role, how I trained for the event, the mental toughness and mental preparations that took 6 months for a 12 hr challenge, how I implemented leadership, teamwork, listening, inspiration, friendship and overall, Living The Code to make it through this challenge with my closest friends. This was a TRUE test of MANhood. MANY people talk about leading yet they are the same people who make excuses. This is for REAL. Lessons learned while going through 12 hours of brutal training with my best friends under 2 amazing Navy SEALs! HOOYAH!!! . . . keep reading
Lessons Learned From The SEALFit Challenge - part I
Zach Even - Esh
Lessons Learned From The SEALFit Challenge - part I After going through the toughest physical & mental challenge of my life, I learned a LOT of lessons. I learned about the mind, body & spirit in a way that has never been shown to me before. What lessons did I learn and how can YOU apply them to your own life? Check out this video and apply these life lessons to your OWN life. They say short cuts are a Bad thing, but when you seek out a Coach who can teach you lessons and they will accelerate your learning to make you stronger, inside and out, the smart men and women will take advantage of this opportunity and learn. 15 minutes of insight from the first ever, SEALFit Challenge. HOOYA!!! . . . keep reading
Underground Interview: Jeff Martone
Jeff Martone
Underground Interview: Jeff Martone Jeff Martone gets grilled while I drive him to the airport. I've been friends with Jeff for a LONG time & he is one of the most impressive Coaches I have ever met. His knowledge coupled with his in the trenches experience in military, law enforcement, CrossFit, kettlebell training & tactical athlete training will blow your mind. Listen how Jeff came up with Tactical Athlete, how injuries have motivated him & changed his outlook on "Real World Training" & more. You won't find a more detailed & in-depth interview with Jeff Martone elsewhere. Pay attention from the man who told me all about training to become agile, mobile & hostile. You'll train smarter and more effectively after hearing Jeff's wisdom. . . . keep reading
Underground Interview: Tommy Hackenbruck
Tommy Hackenbruck
Underground Interview: Tommy Hackenbruck Tommy Hackenbruck, owner of UTE CrossFit as well as heading his team, "Hack's Pack", to First Place at The CrossFit Games Team Affiliate Competition. Listen closely as to how Tommy dials in his nutrition, his training, his mindset for success and how he went from D1 College Football player to CrossFit BEAST. This is 54 minutes of hard hitting information. If you've ever wondered how a "Big Guy" can train for elite fitness using CrossFit while also being a committed father, husband and gym owner, pay CLOSE attention. Tommy is a BEAST and we can ALL learn from him. . . . keep reading
Weekly Warrior: Travis Stoetzel Going H.A.M.!!
Travis Stoetzel
Weekly Warrior: Travis Stoetzel Going H.A.M.!! The Weekly Warrior with Travis Stoetzel talks to us about what it means to go H.A.M. 110%! This was after we went through a nasty Underground Workout Post Underground Strength Conference! What type of mind set does it take to become agile, mobile and hostile? How does Travis approach Life AND Lifting to create success on his OWN terms? Learn these tips and live this philosophy! Check this video... . . . keep reading
How To Get Mentally Tough!
Zach Even - Esh
How To Get Mentally Tough! In life, you MUST be mentally tough if you plan to succeed. EVERYTHING we do requires mental toughness, from our Underground workouts, to succeeding in our chosen career path, to maintaining the integrity of your closest friendships & relationships. A weak mind will sabotage ALL that you do. Pay close attention, in this video I discuss how to apply mental toughness training in your workouts and in your LIFE! . . . keep reading
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Zach, I put in some of your underground workouts in our off season programs and our team went from 4-6 to 11-1 wining the league outright in the toughest league in Pa.

Joe Hallman C.B.
South Strength Coach
USA Weightlifting Club Coach

"I've learned more in my two months at USC that I have from dozens of books on strength training that I have, and the 'No BS Product Review' saved me $70 in my first couple weeks. USC is worth every dime and more, I for one am going to be a lifetime member. No other site that I have found compares to USC"
Robert Dobó

"Finally!!! Thanks for putting together a site where there's no fancy names and no industry jargon, just back to basics training that produces stronger, more complete athletes"
Jason C. Brown

"I have found more useable information here in my first 10 minutes as a memeber than most sites combined!"
Eric McCarty.
Columbia, MD

"As a Chiropractor and running the oldest official Brazilian Jiu-jitsu club here in South Africa I've read about and seen countless different conditioning routines and concepts but very few things have got me as excited and motivated about training as Underground Strength Coach! I thought I knew a fair amount about strength training and conditioning but Coach Zach and USC has really opened my eyes. Theres an awesome amount of priceless information here covering revolutionary training methods for strength, fitness and conditioning. As an athlete, fitness enthusiast or just the average person looking to get in shape the answers youre looking for are here...USC!" "
Dr.Micah Atkinson

"Underground Strength Coach is the most hardcore strength and conditioning resource out there! It is jam packed with so many inovative training articles and ideas that you will never have to look anywhere else again!
AJ Roberts

"I am a Combat Athlete [BJJ] and I come from a competitive powerlifting background. When I started researching functional training, Zach's name kept popping up. I joined the USC Team and immediately learned how to change my resistance training to compliment my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with more muscle endurance. The family here at USC is a plethora of expertise and always willing to guide you in your training. It's like having a family of personal coaches at your fingertips. "
Eric Konohia
Boanerges Group, LLC
Columbia, Maryland US boanergesgroup.com
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