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Underground Products

Welcome To The Underground Store

These Underground Products are top-notch resources that will help you maximize strength levels, break through training plateaus, and learn how to train Underground-Style.

The Underground Strength Coach Certification is FAR More than just a certification teaching you exercise techniques and methods. It is an inside look at how to create your own fitness business that kicks ass. It is a proven system that you can plug n' play into your own fitness business, regardless of who you are, who you train or where you live. You will also discover the secrets of a powerful mind set and renegade business secrets that will have your business success exploding faster than a speeding bullet. Click HERE for more info.

Underground Strength Kit

Looking for the Complete resource for Underground training guaranteed to blow up your strength levels like a hand grenade? "Discover The World's Most Lethal 'Underground' Training Secrets That Will Guarantee You Freakish Strength and Power, Rugged Muscle and A Granite Hard Body... Click HERE for more info.

Grip Experts

Discover How You Can Develop Hands of Steel That Crush Like Human Vise Grips... 11 Experts Reveal their Closely Guarded Secrets for Developing Devastating Results in Hand, Grip and TRUE Functional Strength...Click HERE for more info.

Man Of Steel

"Discover How Two of The World's Most Sought After Strength & Muscle Building Experts Can Transform Your Body Beyond Anything You Have Ever Experienced Before, FASTER Than Ever Before!

This is Your Rare Opportunity to Gain Complete Access to The NEVER Seen Before, In-Depth and "Nothing-Held-Back" Strength & Muscle Building Program Zach Even - Esh & Jim "Smitty" Smith Unleash Where You WILL Gain More Muscle, More Strength & Burn More Fat in the Next 12 Weeks Compared to Your Last 12 Months!...Click HERE for more info.

The BEAST Files
The BEAST FilesA 4 Week Underground Strength Intro Training Program to prep you physically AND mentally PLUS 6 Months of BEAST workouts, carefully programmed for the unique blend of brute strength, explosive power, stamina and mental toughness   more info > > >

Hybrid Kettlebell & Bodyweight Course
Hybrid Kettlebell & Bodyweight CourseSimple & Effective Program Design Tips so You Can Maximize Your Results From This Program. Eliminate the Stress & Confusion That Comes With Trying To Create Your Own Workouts.   more info > > >

Page: MMA Expert E-Book
Page: MMA Expert E-BookATTENTION Combat Athletes: "Nine of The Most Sought After Combat Performance Coaches Reveal How To Achieve The Explosive Speed of Bruce Lee, The Strength of An Olympic Wrestler, and The Conditioning Of A UFC Cage Fighter..." Introducing The Most Unfiltered, No Holds Barred Resource Ever Created To Forge High Performance Combat Athletes&.   more info > > >

Russian Lion Power Course
Russian Lion Power Course"Discover Natural Strength Secrets Of An Old-Time Strongman Who Was Able to Lift a 200 Pound Man Overhead With Only One-Arm at The Age of 18... "Who Else Wants To Know The Time-Tested Strength Secrets Of The Most Feared Strongman And Wrestler Of The Early 1900's...   more info > > >

Underground Secrets of Stone Training...
Underground Secrets of Stone Training..."Develop Crushing Grip-Stength of An Ancient Gladiator By Discovering The Underground Secrets of Stone Training!... Time Tested Training Methods Proven To Develop Brute Strength Have Been Unearthed by Coach Even-Esh and He Reveals The Exact Methods Old-School Athletes Used to Become Hard As Granite - 100% Guaranteed to Increase Your Grip Strength...   more info > > >

The Ultimate Underground Training Manual
The Ultimate Underground Training ManualCoach Zach Even-Esh looked at the young, skinny wrestler standing in front of him and smurked. This young man was a new athlete and today was his first day of training with Coach Even-Esh. Most people would look at this scrawny kid standing in front of them and think to themselves, "this kid must get his butt kicked when he wrestles and there is NO WAY that he will beat anyone on the mat - Ever!" Coach Even-Esh is smurking not because he is thinks this, he is smuring for another reason.   more info > > >

Underground Secrets of No Rules Training - Unconventional Training Methods Guaranteed To Skyrocket Your Strength!
Underground Secrets of No Rules Training - Unconventional Training Methods Guaranteed To Skyrocket Your Strength!I want you to picture in your mind, a dark, hole in the wall gym, full of some of the strongest men that you could ever imagine -- guys that you wouldn't want to fight if your life depended upon it. Now imagine yourself there, in that dungeon full of rusty plates and men who bent that iron to their will. Imagine if these same hard core trainees shared their no-rules secrets with you so that you can create a powerful and strong physique just like them. If you are ready for this, come experience No Rule training -- Underground style.   more info > > >