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Louie Simmons Interview
Louie Simmons
Louie Simmons Interview This Louie Simmons Interview is 47 minutes in length where we discuss how does Louie assess athletes, how to train athletes in conjunction with sports practice, the implementation of max effort / dynamic effort both in season and off season training along with the differences in use at each time of the year. Louie also discusses how to work around injuries, why so many injuries happen, the most important muscles athletes must train, training in the snow / inclement weather and MUCH more. If you're hungry to learn, hungry to get STRONGER and be inspired, listen to this Louie Simmons interview Now..... . . . keep reading
February 2015 Underground Workout of the Month: NO Easy Day
Zach Even - Esh
February 2015 Underground Workout of the Month: NO Easy Day This is a unique Underground WOM and it's ALL about Doing the WORK. As always, I pull NO punches as I tell you what to do and how to do it. Holding your hand? NO. Guiding you and giving you an opportunity? YES. If you're looking for easy then this is the wrong place. You are going to take action and will have to think for yourself. Log in and let's GO! . . . keep reading
Strength Coach QnA: The TRUTH About Success As A Strength Coach
Zach Even - Esh
Strength Coach QnA: The TRUTH About Success As A Strength Coach Almost 30 minutes of Zach discussing what it TRULY takes to succeed as a strength coach. As Jack Nicholson said, "You can't handle the truth!" This may OR may not be the exception for you. Prepare for some serious in your face truth and honesty. This audio gets raw and unedited so sensitive people should not listen. Those who want to hear the truth and then take that truth to inspire yourself to go next level, this is your opportunity. Give a Listen! . . . keep reading
Man of Steel Challenge
Zach Even - Esh
Man of Steel Challenge A 13 week training challenge that blends strength, performance and functional muscle building into every week. In addition, there is ONE kick ass challenge every week. Prepare to build more muscle, burn more fat and kick more ass in the next 13 weeks than your last 13 months. Dedication and Commitment required. Looking for fads and gimmicks? Short cuts? WRONG place. This workout can be done at your local gym or in your home gym. Step UP and reap the rewards. . . . keep reading
Project X - Phase 1
Zach Even - Esh
Project X - Phase 1 Project X was created as I completed the first ever SEALFit 20 X Challenge. It is also a call to arms. A stand against the pussification of man kind. Let's face it. People are soft nowadays. The excuses are endless, too many cry babies and complainers. The fads, the gimmicks, the bull shyt. It ALL stops here. This program is TOUGH and is NOT blended with science. It's TOUGH. Period. If you're a chicken shyt who fears hard work and wants to return every e book you buy because "this program didn't work for me" you turned down the wrong road here. This programs woks when YOU do the work. Prepare to push yourself FAR beyond the next level. This is for advanced athletes only. . . . keep reading
Grip Strength & Inside Zach's Training
Zach Even - Esh
Grip Strength & Inside Zach's Training Inside Zach's training program as he closes in on his 39th birthday, how to train the grip and WHY grip training is crucial, random thoughts on training and getting after it every time you hit the gym. . . . keep reading
November 2014 Underground Strength Workout of The Month
Zach Even - Esh
November 2014 Underground Strength Workout of The Month This training cycle is a very unique blend of strength, size and power. The equipment required is just the basics. Barbell, Dumbbells and Bodyweight. As always, the most important piece of equipment, your mindset & attitude, is expected to highly motivated and ready to do work. There's no easy path in training if results are the goal and that's the truth. No need to dance around on egg shells and question if some magic supplement is going to get you jacked and shredded. Your work ethic and commitment to the lifestyle is THE key. November 2015 training is ready. Time for you to Follow Through. Mental Toughness & Motivation required. . . . keep reading
Simple & STRONG (6 Week Course)
Zach Even - Esh
Simple & STRONG (6 Week Course) Simple & STRONG, a 6 week training course inspired by Jim Wendler & Dr. Ken, all about getting back to the basics, getting strong and getting RESULTS. Don't be misled by the title, as I always emphasize, simple does NOT mean easy. You can crush this 6 week course anywhere: your garage or basement gym or at the local commercial gym. Be ready to commit to a program and push yourself. If you don't have what it takes to follow through then don't even bother reading and go back to program hopping every other week. Simple & STRONG is for those who understand what it takes to get Stronger & Bigger. . . . keep reading
The Old School Strength, Power & Muscle Course
Zach Even - Esh
The Old School Strength, Power & Muscle Course This training course comes with 24 old school workouts to give you the strength, power & size you need to not only LOOK like a BadAss, but most of all, so you can PERFORM like a BadAss. Nothing fancy needed here, yet the programming is dialed in and stripped away of the typical fads and gimmicks of modern day workouts. This is 71 pages of information with exercise descriptions, 24 kick ass workouts and the old school strength philosophy where the only thing that mattered was RESULTS! . . . keep reading
August 2014 Workout of the Month
Zach Even - Esh
August 2014 Workout of the Month Finish Summer STRONGER than ever before. While many allow the tease of Fall as an excuse to skip workouts, eat junk foods and slip on dedication, YOU will be different. YOU will be a rare breed. Follow this next phase in our training with a program focused on RESULTS and most of all, keeping you healthy. This phase has a different approach than our past workouts. You'll be mixing together Bodyweight Bodybuilding, Strength / Power work and repetition work for added muscle building. Long Term Success is the key. Let's DO this.... . . . keep reading
Bodyweight University Pt IV: Leg Crank Circuits
Zach Even - Esh
Bodyweight University Pt IV: Leg Crank Circuits Bodyweight University Part IV - In this episode of Bodyweight U we attack leg crank circuits. All types of lower body circuits that attack the muscles and nervous system from various angles. Muscular endurance, power endurance, athleticism and stability. Remember: Your legs are your foundation. If you wanna be as strong as a house, ya gotta build the foundation. . . . keep reading
Underground Strength Workout & Movie of The Month: July 2014
Zach Even - Esh
Underground Strength Workout & Movie of The Month: July 2014 Summer time is here, in full swing. It's a time to get stronger and tougher while the less dedicated make excuses and talk about having no gym on vacation. After finishing your Gladiator Project 2.0, it's time to get back full swing to the training from The Underground Strength Gym. In addition to the workout of the month we captured behind the scenes footage for you to see EXACTLY what happens behind these walls. I also talk about how you can tweak your workouts slightly for increased fat loss and more energy, especially if you are a strength coach and come home for late dinners. Time to attack and be a rare breed. . . . keep reading
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Zach, I put in some of your underground workouts in our off season programs and our team went from 4-6 to 11-1 wining the league outright in the toughest league in Pa.

Joe Hallman C.B.
South Strength Coach
USA Weightlifting Club Coach

"I've learned more in my two months at USC that I have from dozens of books on strength training that I have, and the 'No BS Product Review' saved me $70 in my first couple weeks. USC is worth every dime and more, I for one am going to be a lifetime member. No other site that I have found compares to USC"
Robert Dobó

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Jason C. Brown

"I have found more useable information here in my first 10 minutes as a memeber than most sites combined!"
Eric McCarty.
Columbia, MD

"As a Chiropractor and running the oldest official Brazilian Jiu-jitsu club here in South Africa I've read about and seen countless different conditioning routines and concepts but very few things have got me as excited and motivated about training as Underground Strength Coach! I thought I knew a fair amount about strength training and conditioning but Coach Zach and USC has really opened my eyes. Theres an awesome amount of priceless information here covering revolutionary training methods for strength, fitness and conditioning. As an athlete, fitness enthusiast or just the average person looking to get in shape the answers youre looking for are here...USC!" "
Dr.Micah Atkinson

"Underground Strength Coach is the most hardcore strength and conditioning resource out there! It is jam packed with so many inovative training articles and ideas that you will never have to look anywhere else again!
AJ Roberts

"I am a Combat Athlete [BJJ] and I come from a competitive powerlifting background. When I started researching functional training, Zach's name kept popping up. I joined the USC Team and immediately learned how to change my resistance training to compliment my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with more muscle endurance. The family here at USC is a plethora of expertise and always willing to guide you in your training. It's like having a family of personal coaches at your fingertips. "
Eric Konohia
Boanerges Group, LLC
Columbia, Maryland US boanergesgroup.com
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