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Underground Strength Workout of The Month: April 2014
Zach Even - Esh
Underground Strength Workout of The Month: April 2014 A rare glimpse inside BOTH Underground Strength Gym locations. You'll see workouts from BOTH gyms, a tour of The original Underground Strength Gym and lessons learned from 26 years of lifting and 12 years of training athletes. Why are we switching to full body workouts this training cycle and why should you pay attention? Because we don't have any fads or gimmicks to trick you, just straight up HARD work. The old fashioned way to achieving success is delivered here. Step up and step inside THE Underground - there are many imitators, but none can duplicate our results. Step inside and see what it's all.... . . . keep reading
Training for Spec Ops Selection
Shaun Trainor
Training for Spec Ops Selection Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a Special Forces Operator in the Military? What's the difference between training to pass selection VS training while IN the special forces teams? How does CrossFit play into training for Spec Ops? This is an inside look from a Special Forces Operator and now Special Forces Instructor. Here's the truth. NO bull shit. . . . keep reading
The Gladiator Project 2.0
Zach Even - Esh
The Gladiator Project 2.0 6 Months of training, revamped and revised to take The Gladiator Project to the NEXT level. Faster gains in Strength & Size, extra chapters added on mindset, Living The Code and overall getting after life to kick ass and take names. This course alone is worth your investment inside the Inner Circle, not to mention ALL the additional content on board since 2005. Step up and prepare to shock everyone with your gains! . . . keep reading
February 2014 MOVIE of the Month
By Zach Even - Esh
February 2014 MOVIE of the Month Step inside my twisted mind where I discuss how and why I'm breaking PRs like a MadMan at age 38 when I'm supposed to be getting weaker. How did I incorporate Westside Barbell Methods into my training and what did I learn from a program that made a big difference in adding speed and size. In the other half of the video get an inside look of behind the scenes footage of Both Underground Strength Gym locations along with the method to my madness for programming workouts for my athletes. 22 minutes uncut. . . . keep reading
February 2014 Workout of the Month
By Zach Even - Esh
February 2014 Workout of the Month Whether you're training for sports or training to be a straight up BAD MoFo, this training program is for you. Strength does NOT discriminate, and, as Mark Bell says, "Strength is Never A Weakness". This month, like every month, we will do WORK. We will train HARD. We will get STRONG. We will get EXPLOSIVE. We will pack on MUSCLE. Step up and train HARD. The fads, the gimmicks, the cool names of each program don't work. The ONLY thing that works is when YOU do the WORK. Let's DO this. . . . keep reading
Jim Wendler on Training & Life
Jim Wendler
Jim Wendler on Training & Life Almost 30 minutes of video footage of Jim talking about the rules he lives by with lifting along with straight up truth about life. Jim talks about the basics principles we all must stick to to get results without the bull shit and without the complications. . . . keep reading
Underground Strength Workout of The Month - January, 2014
By Zach Even - Esh
Underground Strength Workout of The Month - January, 2014 Stronger is better. Don't kid yourself, kids. Fail to plan and you plan to fail. Follow this training plan and pack on more strength, size and muscle without getting caught up in the new year hoopla of fads, gimmicks and shiny objects. This workout of the month is broken down into one for athletes, straight from The Underground Strength Gym along with how to tweak these workouts for adult lifters no longer in sports as well as beginners, intermediates and advanced lifters. In detail I also describe our in season training programs and How / Why I was able to bench press 315 lbs. Get after it, kick ass and take names. . . . keep reading
Underground Strength Workout of The Month - December, 2013
By Zach Even - Esh
Underground Strength Workout of The Month - December, 2013 The FINAL Underground Strength Workout for 2013. A month where the pussification of the world takes over and everyone becomes too busy, too tired and loaded with excuses as to why they just can't get it done. Not here. This is going to be your month to pack on strength, size and toughness. No backing down and No maintenance bull shyt. We train to gain and nothing less. Let's dive in and..... . . . keep reading
Program Design Influences From Louie Simmons & Westside Barbell
By Zach Even - Esh
Program Design Influences From Louie Simmons & Westside Barbell Zach speaks during The CrossFit Powerlifting Seminar on program design methods for athletes and adults, the influences from Louie Simons & Westside Barbell as well as how to and WHY it is critical for CrossFit Coaches to help today's younger generation develop Strength, Power, Athleticism, Muscle & Most of all, Confidence! Listen and take notes during this 25 minute presentation by Zach.... . . . keep reading
Westside & Conjugate Method for CrossFit
By AJ Roberts
Westside & Conjugate Method for CrossFit World Record Holder Powerlifter & Westside Barbell Disciple, AJ Roberts breaks down program design using the Westside Barbell methods & The conjugate method, all for CrossFit. You will see how a 6 day program is organized for CrossFit and why / how they borrowed this method to develop serious strength AND conditioning. Also shared is the reason behind having a record board, why you need training partners and a kick ass atmosphere as well as what happens at Westside Barbell. AJ uprooted his entire life years ago and moved to Columbus, Ohio to dedicate his life to becoming a world record holder powerlifter while training under Louie Simmons. These videos will fire you and blow your mind..... . . . keep reading
November 2013 Underground Strength Workout
By Zach Even - Esh
November 2013 Underground Strength Workout Perhaps one of the most kick ass months of training we've had at The Underground Strength Gym, EVER! New max effort training, new mental toughness training, new ways to incorporate Kettlebells and sleds and intense team training to build morale and brotherhood. Check out this month's Underground Strength Workout with insights I do NOT share elsewhere. Ass Kickers ONLY.... . . . keep reading
SST Blue Print - Strength, Size & Toughness
Zach Even - Esh
SST Blue Print - Strength, Size & Toughness 3 Months of Underground Strength & Size Blue Print to train the body AND the mind. A rare breed of men actually DO walk this earth, they are always looking for greater challenges, tougher workouts, pushing their body and mind to the next level to go beyond merely training for simple appearance. SST = Strength, Size and Toughness. The blue print is here. Step up and be a Rare Breed. . . . keep reading
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Zach, I put in some of your underground workouts in our off season programs and our team went from 4-6 to 11-1 wining the league outright in the toughest league in Pa.

Joe Hallman C.B.
South Strength Coach
USA Weightlifting Club Coach

"I've learned more in my two months at USC that I have from dozens of books on strength training that I have, and the 'No BS Product Review' saved me $70 in my first couple weeks. USC is worth every dime and more, I for one am going to be a lifetime member. No other site that I have found compares to USC"
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Eric McCarty.
Columbia, MD

"As a Chiropractor and running the oldest official Brazilian Jiu-jitsu club here in South Africa I've read about and seen countless different conditioning routines and concepts but very few things have got me as excited and motivated about training as Underground Strength Coach! I thought I knew a fair amount about strength training and conditioning but Coach Zach and USC has really opened my eyes. Theres an awesome amount of priceless information here covering revolutionary training methods for strength, fitness and conditioning. As an athlete, fitness enthusiast or just the average person looking to get in shape the answers youre looking for are here...USC!" "
Dr.Micah Atkinson

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Eric Konohia
Boanerges Group, LLC
Columbia, Maryland US boanergesgroup.com
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